Booking TA-DA Robots

picture of robot norbert the bull robot

TA-DA Enterprises, LLC offers various robot characters for performances at fairs, festivals, trade shows, grand openings, corporate events, parties and more.

A TA-DA Robot can stroll the grounds at your event, pedaling a children's-type tractor or tricycle, and greeting visitors.


The robot can be placed by your display or sign, interacting with passers-by and promoting your business or product.

The robot can even wear a t-shirt you provide, allowing it to appear to be part of your staff or event.

*Important Details*

  • Only one robot may appear at a time.
  • Electrical: TA-DA Robots are battery operated, so they do not need to perform near an electrical outlet.
  • Surface: Hard surface such as packed soil, asphalt or cement.
  • Weather: During inclement weather, TA-DA Robots must perform indoors.
  • Crowd control: During certain circumstances, an assistant provided by customer is needed to walk with the robot for crowd control. Assistant must be at least 14 years old.
  • Booking TA-DA Robots does not require a down payment. However, the total amount due must be paid to TA-DA Enterprises, LLC at the end of the event.

The appearance schedule for TA-DA Robots fills up quickly for summer and fall weekends, so book early!

For more information, a price quote, or to book TA-DA Robots,
call (608) 225-1230 or e-mail

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