Meet The Robots

Choose one of these robot characters to match your event, or select one character for the morning and a different character for the afternoon (only one robot may appear at a time).

picture of J.D. the dog robot

Meet the newest addition to the TA-DA Robot's family! This furry brown canine is looking forward to entertaining at your event!

What does J.D. stand for? Well "Just Dog" of course!

picture of Harry the robot

Harry was the first of the TA-DA Robots, debuting back in 2001. He loves to wear his "Uncle Sam" hat for Fourth of July events and his red and white tasseled hat for Christmas and other holiday parties.

picture of horace the robot

With his bib overalls, red handkerchief and yellow cowboy hat, Horace is the down-home favorite at many events. With his guitar on his knee, he's also a great choice for musical events.

picture of norbert the robot

This Holstein gave up grazing to join the TA-DA Robots family, but Norbert's favorite place to be is still at fairs and dairy-related events, where he can catch up with his old friends.

picture of precious the robot

With her pink body and ballerina-like ruffles, Precious the Pig is sure to stand out in a crowd. Her friendly disposition and soft, furry face make her easy for kids to talk to. Precious can appear with or without angelic wings.

picture of dudley the robot

Dudley the Duck joined the TA-DA Robots family in 2009. His name was given to him in a contest by fairgoers at the Fond du Lac County Fair.